About us

Our business

Contractify specialises in contract management and is the only party in Belgium that has its full focus on assisting organisations in the field of contract management. Our years of practical experience have given us a good look at how an organisation can (re)get a grip on its contracts. We have translated this knowledge into a user-friendly cloud-based software solution, Contractify. Not only can we offer you the right tool, but we can also take care of your registration and follow-up on all of your contracts. Contractify, your contract manager.

Our founding

DB² Value Creation (company behind Contractify) was founded in December 2015 by Steven Debrauwere and Herlinde De Buck. Both experience experts in the field of Contract Management and very passionate about their work. The original idea of just assisting organisations with advice on how to set up the Contract Management Process quickly switched to a hands-on mentality. The simple reason is that many organisations do not have the time or the internal resources to get ànd keep their contract management in order.


We are located in Sleidinge, near Ghent.