Can just anyone in your company see all the contracts?

Imagine: you have a company, with several locations and various departments, each with its own manager. Each department usually wishes to keep its own contracts up to date, so in the end, the contracts are not only spread over the various departments but also over the various locations. There is no global overview. Recognizable?

You already feel it coming, this is not the correct way to work.

User management

There is nothing wrong with a contract being managed by the one who is most closely involved with it in terms of content. The IT manager, for example, is best placed to have the IT contracts under his or her management.

Where it does go wrong, is when each of them manages the contracts in their own way (classifier, PC, disc or outlook agenda). This is not only sub-optimal in terms of operation, but also ensures that as a board of directors you do not have an overview of which contracts are running correctly. Let alone that you have insight into what has been agreed and whether this is being followed up correctly.

When you work this way, time and money are lost. How is it supposed to be? First of all, it is important for a company to digitise all contracts and then centralise them. This, first of all, prevents that contracts cannot be found, that they are spread geographically, or that only one member of staff knows in which filing cabinet or server folder the contract can be found. This way, you never have a 100% view of all contracts within the company and the follow-up actions. This means that you will have to deal with contracts that are not wanted to be renewed, or simply unnecessary contracts.

Contract management software

With Contractify, this belongs to the past! Not only have we focused on making all contracts findable and accessible, but we have also ensured that every staff member has access to the contracts for which he/she is responsible, or for which he/she needs to have an overview.  You can adjust the reading rights individually per user, for example per department, per location or simply per file.

You can also decide for yourself what the role of a user will be: user, manager or admin. With the role of manager, you can create various teams for which the manager is responsible for. The use of teams makes it possible to keep track of the contracts and tasks of your team. An escalation process can also be activated so that you will be informed if a team member has not executed a task on time.


One last item we took into account with Contractify is that when a colleague is on leave, sick or no longer working for the company, you can temporarily or permanently transfer all contracts and tasks to another user with one single click.

Useful right?

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