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Frequent contracts

Knowing which contracts the organization has is often the first challenge. On the right you can see some contract types that are worth following up, analyzing and optimizing

Vehicle park

Rental, leasing, maintenance/tyre change, fuel cards, insurance, etc.


Purchase of raw materials, rolling stock (lease/purchase/leasing+maintenance), equipment (lease/purchase/leasing+maintenance), software, etc.


Meal time vouchers, social secretariat, interim contracts, training, time registration systems, etc.



Mandates, patents, subsidies, membership, reports of the general meeting, etc.


Argentuur, distribution, framework contracts, price-fixing, confidentiality, etc.



Cleaning company, maintenance gates, maintenance of fire station, dispensers/sanitary toilets, energy contracts, pest control, rental and cleaning of industrial clothing, etc.


Postage machines, e-payment/payment terminals, credit check collection, payment cards, software (accounting package,…), payment systems (Isabel,…),…


Fixed telephony (central, services,…), mobile telephony, Internet


Do you prefer to manage your contracts in-house? Our contract management software allows you to centralize, document and monitor your contracts yourself. This is done across departments & teams with a clear starting point of pre-defined files. The perfect start to further professionalization.


Let our Contractify team follow up your contracts without any worries. Our experts register your contracts in your own Contract Management Software environment and help you to follow them up proactively. If desired, and provided you obtain your mandate, they will contact your suppliers directly in order to request unclear and missing information. Definitely the best solution to get the most out of your contracts with a minimum of time.

All my questions about contracts have been solved!


I know where my contracts and accompanying documents are


I know what the agreements are


I know when my contracts will expire and when they will be tacitly renewed

What is Contractmanagement?

In 90 seconds explained what contract management is and why you shouldn’t wait to apply it!

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What do our customers think of our services?

“The service and empathic way in which Contractify deals with customers is exceptional”

Huge responsiveness and dedication to doing a perfect job. It’s a pleasure to work with the Contractify team. With their new service and associated saas-environment, they ensure that contracts can be easily followed up. Highly recommended!

Tim Duhamel, Insites Consulting

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