Saving by outsourcing contract management

Our own experience proves that:

  • 60% of the contracts in an organisation are tacitly renewed
  • A large proportion of the contracts are untraceable
  • Some of the contracts are unnecessary (but paid)
  • Many purchases are made without a contract
  • There are many more contracts in existence than supposed
  • 65% of the contracts: lack of clarity/information as a result that a correct follow-up is impossible
  • Only a few organisations proactively follow up their contracts in specialised software
  • There is an awareness that there are risks involved if not following up the contracts, but that these problems do not always appear as a priority item on the agenda due to a lack of time.
  • Not many people like to analyze and follow up on contracts and when forced to do so, there is little chance of success.

In order to get all these things in order, time and resources are needed. Time and resources that are not always present in organisations. By calling on the expertise of the Contractify team you will definitely save time and money! This will result in a continuous focus on keeping your Contract Management Software environment up to date.

If you want to get your contracts in order, please contact us without obligation.


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