Contractify is designed based on our many years of experience in managing contracts. 

Contractify allows you to follow up on all agreements and milestones in your contracts in an extremely user-friendly way, to centralise all contracts and documents and, if you wish, to register very flexible and clear summaries. The spearhead in the development of the software was ease of use.
The contracts are not only classified by department or branch, but also on the basis of various files: ‘what is this contract about? The files allow you to quickly notice optimisations. “Who do we work with for our mobile telephony”, “What are our rental contracts” are questions that you can answer literally within 5 seconds.

Contractify not only shows you the current situation but also gives you a clear picture of what happened in the past: offers, contract proposal, previous suppliers,… The built-in intellegation also takes over a lot of administrative tasks from you and ensures that the information you need is proactively brought to your attention at the right time. So that you can focus on what is most important: your business.

And what’s more, the chat feature puts you in direct contact, not only with experts in the use of the software, but also with experts in the management of contracts. Do you have a question? The answer is quickly there. 


Software is essential for the proper management and follow-up of contracts. In order to achieve maximum return, you have a mix of some useful functionalities at your disposal.



The dashboard shows you at a glance which contracts and tasks require your attention, and what awaits you in the coming months. In addition to your own dashboard, you also have insight into the contracts and tasks of your team on the team dashboard.



The files are a very innovative way to keep an overview of your contracts. You do not need to know which suppliers you are working with in order to have an overview of e.g. your waste contracts, your insurance policies or your maintenance contracts. The files also allow you to quickly find optimisations across various departments or branches. Do you want to have an overview of all your IT contracts? Or more specifically on the hosting contracts? Piece or cake



In addition to managing contracts, Contractify is also able to manage individual documents. For example, have you received a quotation from a supplier, but don’t have a contract yet? Just drop the proposal into Contractify and you’ll always find it back later, or link it to the contract afterwards. Contractify is also able to search through the documents itself. Loaded PDF documents are automatically searchable, so you can search throughout the documents. Looking for documents related to a specific project? Or those specific contracts where the health index is used? You can find them all.



The reporting module allows you to report on all information registered in Contractify. You have complete freedom about the selection criteria and what information is included in your report. And what’s more: you can also have a report sent to your mailbox automatically, for example, every month. Reporting made easy.



You can create various teams with one person in charge per team. The use of teams makes it possible to keep track of the contracts and tasks of your team. An escalation process can also be activated so that you will be informed if a team member has not executed a task on time. Again, Contractify is designed to make it easy to follow up on your team.



Via the contract overview, you will find every contract very quickly and easily. The contracts with a specific supplier, or the contracts that matter for a specific location, are found in a few seconds. When you then click through to the contract itself, you will very clearly see all the metadata of the contract, all relevant documents, the tasks and notifications that have already been sent out and those that still need to be sent out, as well as the summary of the contract.


Tasks and notifications

Tasks and reports are what it’s all about for most users: what should I do regarding this contract? Or: what do I need to be aware of? The tasks are automatically sent to you by e-mail and contain all the necessary information: what do I need to know, and what to do precisely? With only 1 click you will end up in Contractify so you can write down your comments or simply click on the button “Task finished”.



Contract Management Software is often notorious for the complexity of the parameterization. Not with Contractify! Creating departments or locations, arranging reading rights for users, transferring the responsibilities for a user (temporarily) to someone else, are all very simple and do not require expensive training. And above all: you have full control over it!