Training Contract Management

Does the following sound familiar?

  • Time wasted because you vainly go in search of a contract and then ultimately ask the supplier.
  • A contract that you want to withdraw has been tacitly renewed, as a result that now you will be stuck for another 1, 3 years or more.
  • At the end it turns out that agreements were not honored, resulting in a loss of money, quality or service.
  • You have been paying far too much for a particular product or service for years

Then our Contract Management training programme is a must for you.

Training in strategic negotiation

Negotiating is a stressful activity for many people.

You have the feeling that it is a tug-of-war, a “battle of the willls”, often unpleasant. You often leave a negotiation with the feeling that you have not achieved what was in it, that you were overrun.

Everyone negotiates almost every day, whether private or professional.

This two-day training makes you a better negotiator.

Licensed service provider KMO portfolio

Contractify is a service provider recognised by the Flemish Government and offers advice via the KMO portfolio.

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