Which contracts do I have?

When we talk to organizations about managing their contracts, we often hear “We don’t have many contracts” or, “We do not work with contracts”.

It may occur indeed be that you are in a sector that does not have the habit or the need to draw up sales contracts with its customers. Or that the same logic applies to your purchasing contracts for raw materials.
As a company, however, you always have a whole series of ‘general’ contracts. Namely, those matters that are linked to the normal functioning of an enterprise.

Do you have staff? In that case, you will certainly have a contract with a social secretariat, and probably also with a selection or interim office. Everyone has a certain IT infrastructure. There is no doubt that you also have a series of contracts for this subject. If you own or lease a building, you also have various contracts to have everything up and running: maintenance contract for the air conditioning or the gates, contract for the fire extinguishers, lease contract if necessary, etc.

Not to mention the contracts for waste collection, work clothing, insurance, leasing of cars or machines, sponsorship contracts,… Probably you belong to the majority of people that now thinks: “Oh well, I have those indeed somewhere…”

But where? And when do they expire? Everyone knows that you have to manage contracts. This is even the case on a private level. And that when you don’t do this, money is lost, opportunities (beware of tacit renewal) are missed, you don’t always get what you pay for, etc.

Or simply, knowing that you are still receiving market terms. Do you want to know which contracts an organization normally has?

Contractify can provide you with a complete list, based on our years of experience in managing thousands of contracts.

Request them here.


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