Which contracts often lead to savings after revision?

Your most important purchase and sales contracts will probably be under control, but what about all the other contracts a company has. It is not uncommon for general facility contracts to be neglected by organisations as they are not the core of the business.

At that time, a contract was concluded for waste collection, electricity supply, gate maintenance, rental and cleaning of company clothing, rental and maintenance contracts for drinks dispensers, payment terminals, telephony contracts, etc. From an operational point of view, you will not immediately notice any remarks, as the contractual agreements are often insufficiently known or not known at all. The financial department also usually has no insight into the price agreements (discounts, indexation agreements, etc.) that were made at that time and consciously settles the invoices on a monthly or annual basis.

Moreover, the relationship with the supplier has been excellent for many years, always friendly. These are the perfect ingredients for suppliers to increase price rates and without questioning the invoices and services. The fact is that different prices are often granted without the knowledge of the client, even for the same service or product delivered for the same client but just for a different location.

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